Stalker 2.1, Ethernet 1.1 & SD compatibility

I have been banging my head on the table all day. I have a Stalker V2.1 board with the built in SD card and an Ethernet 1.1 Shield.
The Ethernet Shield works great using the webserver example and without the SD code.

I can get the SD card to work but only without the Ethernet Shield attached.

I cut the trace on the Stalker for the SD(TF) chip select. So it is now soldered to pin 9 instead of pin 10. The Ethernet shield is on pin 10 according to the wiki.

I am using the SD datalogger test code and it works fine. But once I attach the Ethernet shild the SD card will no longer initialize (SD.begin(9);).
I set Pin 10 to OUTPUT and HIGH to make sure the Ethernet Shield was not being selected.

But the SD still fails to init. If I simply remove the Ethernet Shield and don’t make any code changes the SD works.

So, is there a compatability issue or am i missing something really obvious to everyone else?

I am using Arduino 1.0.1 IDE.

Hey,We have come across this problem too.They use SPI port simultaneously,so the signal will be affected by each other.We are looking for solution.Please wait patiently.

Thanks for verifying the issue. I eagerly await your response. I have a project that is now on hold until this issue is resolved.

Thanks again,

Has there been any progress on a solution for this issue? Thanks.

Hi,sorry for that. We are going to do a new project which relating to this problem, and it may cost some times. Thanks for your comprehension.