Stacking ADS 1115 seedstudio ADCs?

Hi everyone,

I am considering purchasing two of the ADS 1115 raspberry hats that seeedstudio has (4-Channel 16-Bit ADC for Raspberry Pi (ADS1115) | Seeed Studio Wiki) and I was wondering if these could be stack and have two of them working at the same time?


Hi there,
I see the Wiki and the schematic of the Board does support some address options.
There are 4 possible I2C addresses of this grove, from 0x48 to 0x4B. The default I2C address is 0x48. You can change the I2C address by doing some soldering.

and in the data-sheet pg 25 shows multiple devices.

I would say YES!
But you may need to try it to be sure.
GL :slight_smile: PJ

Hi, yes! I saw that, but I was wondering about this specific hat, whether I could buy two of these hats and stack them onto each other. I know that the chip does support that. Thanks!