Stack several 2 Channel CAN BUS FD Shield

Hi, we are in need for more CAN channels, so wonder if we can stack up to 8x 2xCAN F_D shields, in any way to reach a 16xCAN input logger?

There’s a maximum of four, and that depends on the number of SPI controllers.

Thanks, you mean four boards in total 8x CAN buses?

RPI has two SPI controllers, but each controller has two slices to choose from. So an RPI can support 4xCAN FD. 8x CAN need two RPI.

Hi Baozhu,
I have a 2Channel CANFD-HAT. How can I select which SPI to use for each channel?
Can I select the max_freq? now is 20MHz.and the clock supports 40MHz.

Thank you