Square Wave - 4Mhz+

I read through the whole post regarding bandwidth and the whole post about the new update. Neither of these answered the question can you get a good square wave representation at 4mhz. I want to buy one however if I can’t tell I’m seeing a square wave at 4mhz I don’t know if it would be worth it.


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About your project may be you should provide more detail.
If you want some example how about to ask Square.

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I work with Atmel AVRs (atmega and attiny mostly) and want to work with generating square waves (PWM) and a few other things. As all of it is digital (almost no analogue signal as of yet) I would need I believe a quick oscilloscope and 1 maybe 2 channels. Would it work for this or am I better off getting a USB\Desktop oscilloscope.

thanks again in advance!