SPI Software - SoftSPI

I have a touch shield that uses Pins 42 (CS), 43 (CLK), 44 (MISO), 45 (MOSI) on an Arduino mega for SPI. The actual SPI pins on the Mega are 49, 50, 51 and 52 . Using the URTouch library it works fine as it must redefine the pins… I need to redefine the pins by software for another program.
I downloaded your program SoftSPI, configured the pins to the above, and ran the loop sketch. It came up as fail on all but the very first line…
Any ideas on how i can redine these pins by software?.

Which display is it?

It’s a 5” tft SSD1963 tft and controller board with a XPT2046 chip for the touch screen. Bought from buydisplay.com
The driver board is a shield fitted to an Arduino megs.