SPI – Serial Peripheral Interface on Seeeduino boards

New to this, but have ordered a v 2.12 board and waiting for it to arrive to start my first project.

Starting to wonder if I made the wrong choice though.
I was looking at a project that uses SPI interface on the Arduino 168/328 boards.

I can’t find any reference in the Seeeduino datasheets to SPI.

Did I order the wrong board - or does Seeedstudio make any with that interface on-board?

SPI is a software library addition that works on all recent standard Arduinos including the Seeeduino’s clone version. You didn’t buy the wrong, SPI routines will work. However I would have recommended the V328 Seeeduino for the extral memory capacity.



Appreciate the reply and suggestion

I’ll see what happens when it arrives - hopefully there’ll be enough memory to load it and test it

Thanks again