speed at 100ms 20kHz

I just bow one DSO Quad and I am a newbbie.

sorry, but is it possible to encrease the reading speed?
I wold like use the DSO Q. to see a signal at 19.1 - 19.9kHz, I do not need to have a really accurate measure, I want just see that and I need to know when the signal pass … that’s the problem, the signal is not costant (it is a data communciation) and so my DSO have not enought time to show that correctly. I have to know exactly how many data packs are passing so I cannot see any single wave modifing the speed to some microseconds, but I have to read the line at 100ms (each data pack spend about 10-100ms to pass) and due the DSO delay I cannot see anything with sense.
please, do you know any “tricky”?

really really thank’s in advance.



Try to pause right after you capture the signal and save the file as .dat (and view it inside the DSO) or save it as .csv and view it inside excel where you can draw the whole signal.

Hope this helps…