Speed (1S/cm to 0.1uS/cm) and display delays

Dear All,

I wanted to spy a button ON/OFF that goes from 0V to 5V. I’ve placed thresholed down-up at 2.5V. Here is my problem
I use SINGLE mode to catch the pulse.

In speed lower than 100ms/cm; I catch the signal quite well all time, and get the detailled front down to up.

I need also to cath my full button pressed time that is quite 1Second or little more…SO I increase the time/cm, always in SINGLE mode.
If I go to speed from 200ms/cm to 1S/cm, curve results are strange:

  • It takes a very long time to display curve (something like 10seconds or so) - Buffer fill up time?
  • Sometimes the pulse down to high is not at the XPOS place (?) - But I get the HOLD indication after a few seconds
  • Sometimes it display the precedent measurement display back aftera few seconds
    The curves comes visible when the RUN indicator goes to HOLD by itself.

Can you explain me please why such a different display results when my time/cm goes from quite 100ms/cm up to 1S/cm.

Thanks for help

Try the “FAST SINGLE” modes (available in some of the newer APP versions). They only take one screen of samples, instead of full 4096, and are faster at slow samplerates.

Dear Sir,

I use right now DSO Quad with releases SYS1.52 & APP 2.53 or APP (PLUS A3) 1.00 and I have only modes named:
for APP 2.53 : AUTO, NORM, SINGL (slow full buffer fills up), NONE, SCAN
for APP(PLUS A3) 1.00 : AUTO, NORM, SINGL (slow full buffer fills up), NONE, SCAN
I didn’t found any FAST SINGLE mode.
FYI the signal I want to catch only appears once evry several seconds or minutes; it is NOT a repetitive one.

Can you please precise me the release of APP where I can find thie FAST SINGLE mode, and how it is named on the screen?

Thanks for help,