Spectrum Analysis, Bandwidth and Resolution questions

Is it possible to do a spectrum analysis on the stored data ? My application for which I am considering DSO Nano is that I would like to analyse high frequency noise and oscillations on power supply rails and output of audio amplifiers. Will I be able to do this using DSO Nano ? The way I intend to do this is capture(store) the measured data, export it out to a pc/laptop and then use a spectrum analysis tool (like RMAA, ARTA etc…) to analyse the spectrum.

Also, can you anyone please clear one more thing for me - I am not quite clear about the bandwidth and resolution of the original Nano which is no longer available versus the new Nano v2. Is it 1Mhz or 200Khz ? and is the resolution 12bit or 8bit ? I’d appreciate if someone can kindly help me out in this matter.


seriously ? no one knows ?


So why was the analog bandwidth dropped to 200Khz in v2 from the original’s 1Mhz ?

The ones who wrote it mixed up sample rate with analog bandwidth.

ok, so analog bandwidth of v2 spec (200khz) is the correct one, right ?

Exactly. The same applies to the v1.