specifications and acquiring SIM card in US for rephone GEO

I need information about how to get a SIM card in the USA that will work for the rephone GEO kit. This was supposed to be easy to open up and play with but now I find that you need special unlocked SIM cards and/or you cannot buy a SIM card without buying a smartphone plan? This is supposed to be for a standalone permanent project, you shouldn’t have to disable your cell phone every time you want to use your rephone kit, that is insane.

I’m on TMobile. I had planned to pay $10 to enable “another line” which means phsically obtaining a TMobile SIM card.

Is this post saying that the SIM card for the RePhone isn’t in a standard (hardware) format? Or just that one must
purchase a smartphone-specific cell plan in order to utilize the SIM in a RePhone? (I don’t really have an issue with this if this is what is meant by this posting/thread).

Charlie in Houston

From reading other threads it seems to say you need an unlocked SIM card, without saying what that means… (I would assume it means not linked to a phone, but don’t know as the specifics aren’t listed anywhere in the rephone info.)

I believe what is meant by an “unlocked” sim card is simply one without a password to access, and not anything special about the sim itself.

Well, since I don’t have any sort of phone at all right now, I would like a confirmation of what I need to go out and buy before buying something wrong on accident… Getting the manufacturer specifications from the rephone people seems like a reasonable request to me…I certainly appreciate your help and clarification though, i just don’t want to accidentally buy the wrong thing and have bought a contract to do so…

I just got a sim card from T Mobile and it is working great.

Excellent. Thanks for the report. I’ll post as well when I get my SIM card on the weekend.

Charlie in Houston

Here is a quick vine of my RePhone receiving a call just in case anybody wanted some proof:


I also added a photo of the sim card I got from T Mobile