Speakers as Output Device


Both Windows and Linux show Speakers as an output device, of course there are no speakers, so what is the OS detecting?


Sorrry, I didn’t get your point.

@Bruce.Qin The os detects speakers in the Odyssey, they are displayed in the sound devices - realtek speakers - what are they?


It‘s just diaplay the codec name.

so there are no speakers, I thought it could be something like an internal beeper?

Thanks @Bruce.Qin

Ahh,without internal speaker. :smile:

Ok - so it must be something to do with Linux, I wonder if others have the same.


You can add a buzzer and use a gpio to control it in linux.

Thank you @Bruce.Qin
I am mainly trying to understand why Linux shows two analogue outputs instead of a single one.
How about in your Linux setup, do you have one to check?