Speaker not working

I got my earlier-than-early bird package a few days ago, and it has been great, except that I have an error with my speaker. The touchscreen works beautifully, I can connect to the network, send and receive SMS no problem, and make outgoing calls, however, while my microphone does work, my speaker does not work. I have access to a fairly extensive electronics lab and I intend on debugging it next week, any suggestions as to where to start? There does not appear to be an amplifier on the audio board, and the tiny pitch pins on the FFC connectors are very difficult to probe.

Hi Alden,

you can probe the pins directly on the Xadow Audio and the Xadow GSM breakout

As shown in the image below, if you let the Xadow GSM breakout jump in where between the touchscreen and the Xadow GSM+BLE, then the “Probe test 1&2” checked the connection between the Xadow GSM breakout to touchscreen and to the Xadow Audio.

The SPK_OUT_N and SPK_OUT_P refer to D2 and C2 respectively on the Xadow GSM breakout, check below:

if the speaker is working well, “Probe Test 3” should tell you an impedance of speaker at about 8 ± 20% ohms.