Spartan Edge Accelerator - github repository unavailable


Two days ago the github repository for Spartan Edge Accelerator disappeared.
When I try to follow the link from page , I get information " This organization has no public repositories."



We noticed that too. Someone must have been careless.We’re trying to recover as quickly as possible. @WZab

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I hope it could be solved soon too. I couldn’t find any suitable firmware to load the bitstream into the fpga via the onboard ESP32.

Seconded. It seems the github repo still isn’t available.

Please use GitHub on the Wiki, sea-7 has been abandoned by the organizers

For others searching, I’m guessing “GitHub on the Wiki” is actually here:

Any information on if this board is to be replaced by something else, since the sea-s7 github repo is abandoned? Any way to reach out to the repo owners, and offer to take over ownership?

Hi @WhiteHorseSoft
No. everything no change except the sea-s7 Github URL changed to Pillar1989 Github warehouse.
Now BaoZhu is the manager of this warehouse.