Spartan Edge Accelerator Board

I am new to the topic of FPGAs and have a few questions before buying SEA:

1.Are all peripheral circuits accessible from a “pure FGPA” (I am not interested in arduino)?
2.Is there any special configuration required to be able to use the chip only from VHDL level (e.g. jumpers, electronics lock - components available only for arduino)?
3.Which pins serve as GPIOs for the FPGA?At this point I have locked on identifying only 12 of them - FPGA_IO0-FPGA_IO12.Plus some of them are marked with a red circle on the schematic, so not sure if they can be used.
4.Are there any restrictions for using esp32 as a separate uC?
5.Is it worth it compared to e.g. Elbert v2