Spartan Edge Accelerator Board - Compatible Cameras

The SEA Board specs does say it is compatible with ov5640.

However, Raspberry cams with ov5647 are easiest to find in many different shapes.

Furthermore, some of those ov5647 variants have some very interesting features like C mount lenses.

So, here we go with two questions:

Is that possible to use ov5647 modules instead?

Are there any other compatible CSI camera module we could add to the list?



I was using RPi camera module v1.3 (built with OV5647) in my tests, it did work perfectly ok.

Thank you a lot, Volodymyr! :smiley:

Now, based on your info, I did run successful tests with the RPI (NoIR) V1.3!!!

I do have few RPI cams 1.3 here.

But I was afraid of damage something because they are all OV5647.

Best regards,


I am using this one works fine :slight_smile: