Spartan Edge Accelerator Board - Camera example sketch needed

Hi everyone, I own the Spartan Edge Accelerator Board with Xilinx Spartan7 XC7S15 FPGA and bought the Raspberry Pi Camera as advertized and stated in the description. However, even after long and tidious searches on websites I found no instructions or examples for setting up the camera and how to use it. So I want to ask if there is anybody who has experience and preferably examples of program sketches for e.g. Xilinx Vivado. Alternatively I would appreciate any hint or link to find more information.
Thanks in advance.

You can refer to this link:

Thanks a lot for your answer and link. I had seen this webpage before but did not realize that the whole project files were posted. However, the Github files from the link “” only deal with the Zynq FPGA xc7z020_1, so the files do not compile for the Spatan7 xc7s15ftgb196-1 in the Spartan Edge Accelerator Board. Maybe there are even additional issues regarding the IP modules due to the Vivado 2020.2 platform that I use. So first question: Is there another link to the project for the Spartan Edge xc7s15ftgb196-1 FPGA ? Second question: Are there adaptations necessary for the compiling platform? Thanks in advance for any further information.

Sorry, we haven’t heard anything about support for other platforms at this time.

Ok, thanks again for your answer. But the Spartan Edge Accelerator Board has a xc7s15ftgb196-1 chip and there must be a way to program it to use the camera. How could this be done? Just to ensure what I am talking about, link = > Spartan Edge Accelerator Board - Seeed Wiki . Which programming platform is suitable if the Vivado platform should not be appropriate ? Thanks in advance again.

you can use it as an Arduino shield to driver an LCD and a camera or as a stand-alone FPGA development board.

Arduino IDE can complete programming operations, and it is developed as an expansion board for Arduino.

Oh well, after another intensive websearch I now finally found what I was looking for! This is the link with a fully compiled bit-stream for camera and hdmi output! => . But this great guy also has even more prebuilt examples at this link => . This is just great. Citric, thank you for your answers anyway because it helped to focus on the right search phrases. Have a good time!