Source Code for Arch Mix Binary Images


I’ve got a few questions regarding source code availability for the Arch Mix board.

  1. Is the the source code to the Arch Mix binary images available online?
  2. Is there a MCUXpresso SDK for the Arch Mix available online (with the proper Flash and SDRAM configurations)?

    If not, do you have the DCD information for the SDRAM initialization to allow use of the SDRAM?


I would really really ALSO like to see at least some support for either basic cross-compiled arm GCC or the NXP McuXpresso IDE.

Drivers for peripherals like the SAI, the SDK, board support files, etc.

I managed to get the NXP SDK built from their site for the evkbimxrt1050 board, which appears to use the same chip line, but I’m wondering what is different. I’m also not clear as this SDK example files don’t mention needing a separate debugger (j-tag?) but the only articles that exist on the Arch Mix here on this forum are all thanks to Erich Styger and his intro to the Arch Mix and he requires a separate debugger!? I’m confused, and new.

I feel as if the Arch Mix only mentions the basics of Rt-thread and nothing actually else about the board is explained in the wiki. I’m a bit lost. sorry. noob.

Example: is it explained in the wiki what is the tool to upload an ELF to either ram or the flash on the Arch Mix?

Is there a tool to load an ELF to the Arch Mix to run it?

What are the basics of how this board even works?

How does a newbie start to learn to develop for this board?

(beyond generally saying “this is RtThread and MicroPython”, what about the board? Drivers? How to begin to do anything?)

This board looks so powerful but I feel very lost.

Ok, so the Archmix wiki talks about how to connect to the RT-Thread shell on the board with a serial adapter, and how to test micropython.
I’m searching for info about the board, low level basic info about bootloaders and boot initialization, and board specific details that general NXP docs won’t get me.

I found out that I will need
arm-none-eabi gnu toolchain with gcc
(which one you need depends upon your “host” machine’s processor, the “target” is a 32bit armv7 for the RT1052 processor with M7 core)
nxp’s latest mfgcfg utility called ‘uuu’ that you can get from

I still don’t know how it will work to upload, as I read more details from NXP about their 2-stage bootloading, and their flexSPI and this strange firmware deluxe they seem to have for loading code.

There is very little information on the internet on this very capable board and how to use it. The NXP docs on their own demo board are useful, but I wonder about pinout differences and more. It’s a Seeed studio board, so let’s get some culture and chatter going on about this board here!.. there’s only 2 posts in the entire forum on this entire board.

As I slowly figure my way through the GCC simple way to develop with this board, I’ll post info as I learn it.
it’s a realtime processor, if micropython and rt-thread are really the canonical way to interact with this, then let’s bring up a peripheral with this system. has anyone done anything with this board yet?

I’ll be trying to bring up the SAI with an audio codec.
I intend to use the NXP SDK and try to use their driver bare-metal to run audio pass-through.
it might take me some time, as I try to learn more about how to load binaries to the device…

Very sorry for the trouble, this is our problem. This was a product that rtthread worked on together at the time, but rtthread did not take on the task of maintaining the software, and we were very disappointed.

We started re-matching the software for this product at the end of 2019, but the COVID-19 caused some delays for our main R&D engineers. We’ll be finishing this software development and the new wiki document soon, and I’m sure using Arduino for programming will lower the bar for learning a lot.

I am buying one Arch Mix board from, The page provides schmetics and, but I can not find how to build RT Thread and MicroPython on windows 10 from scratch. Can you give any other support? thank you