Sound Sensor --> error in Specification

Hey, I’m new here and want just post a problem I found. Sorry if I didn’t use all formatting described in the long “welcome” letter (…too long for my slow brain) and couln’t find “issues/bug” cathegory. And I’m too lacy to search all the posts if this was reported anywhere already. Sorry again!

This is an information for Seeed
I just want to point out a wrong description: in Grove-Sound_Sensor
I read under Specifications: “Microphone Frequency: 16-20 kHz”.
First little error: Does it mean 16 kHz - 20 kHz? No. I think you wanted to write 16 Hz - 20 kHz.
But this is also wrong! I measured very low Frequencies, about 1Hz.
It can easy reproduced: run test sketch with the Arduino plotter, close up the room and open & close one door. This causes pressure differences and you can see this clearly on the plotter. This is as fast as you move the door. --> about 1 time per seconds = 1Hz.

I sugest to change the “Microphone Frequency” in the specification to: “1Hz - 20 kHz”.
If you want to use the Sound Sensor e.g. as alarm trigger but get “random” wrong alarms - this may be the reason.

I already pointed out the same problem in Grove-Loudness_Sensor months ago (by mail), you(Seeed) reacted to it, I liked your fast and easy reaction. But you did not think further. I have to find out everything myself and then post here, or just leave it wrong… :confused: