Some usb hubs not working, suggestions?

Hello all,

I have a few Seeeduino Lotus’es and some other boards.
Because I don’t want them to turn on each time I turn on my computer and don’t want ti disconnect the cables each time, I bought a usb hun with switches (buttons) for every usb port. Seemed like a good idea!

I have so far tried tow different hubs, one usb 3 and one usb 2, both powered. And I kept the buttons to ‘on’, of course.

When I connect the Seeeduino, it gets com3. When I upload a sketch, the board reboots into bootloader mode (or something) to allow flashing. But, then Windows gives it com17 and flashing fails. I replug and its gets com3 again, try again and it gets com18 when trying to upload.

My monitor has a built-in usb hub, that one works fine.
My headset stand has a hub, works fine.
I have another hub, works fine.
I have yet another hub (without buttons) doesn’t work, same issue.
I bought another usb 2 hub with buttons, doesn’t work, same issue.

Other devices, mouse, usb sticks, etc work fine on all hubs, with or without buttons.
It seems like some usb hub chips are blocking some kind of communication between the board and the pc, causing this issue. I have tried everything I could think of.

Does anyone have a suggestion for a usb hub with switches that works? Or any idea how I could get this to work? It doesn’t seem related to the buttons/switches on the hub, it seems the chip used in the hub is the issue……?

Hi there,
Totally Normal operation…BTW
You set the BL mode first , select the board and port that is now enumirated. and it should work perfect. It is possible after windows remembers the device ID you won’t need to set the port , Just the Board each time(known IDE bug)
GL :slight_smile: PJ
Is it active or passive HUB?. UsB C is what’s suggested,(external power supply.

Ensure that the USB hub is providing sufficient power to the Seeeduino boards, especially if they require higher power for programming or operation. Some USB hubs may have limitations on power output per port, which could affect the functionality of connected devices.