Some suggestions for parts in the OPL

I’m re-doing a project I have using only OPL parts. I ran into the following missing capabilities:

  • There is no 22K chip resistor. I had to use two 10K resistors in two places.

  • There is no 470 or 660 or 680 resistor. These are nice when current limiting LEDs. I ended up using a 390, which sources more current than I’d want.

  • There is no small 5V regulator with high input range. There’s only a really big 7805 which is 2V drop-out and really big, and 1117 which maxes out at 16V input (i need at least 21V for a 5S LiPo input, and some margin would be nice.) The previous version of this project uses a MCP1804, which is a great 5V regulator! (Microchip, 150 mA, 230 mV drop-out, up to 27V input range.)

  • There is no TVS suitable for higher-voltage inputs or outputs. I had been using a SMBJP6KE20A (Micro Commercial, 600W, 27.7V clamp)

  • There are no power MOSFETs. The project uses PSMN011-30YL N-channel. (NXP, 30V, 37A)
    Other projects of mine have used P-channel devices, such as the DMP3010LK3 (Diodes, Inc, 30V, 17A)

  • Other commonly used parts include some switching power converter controller (might need a higher-power inductor to match,) and some N-channel MOSFET driver like the IRF2101, 2183, or similar.

Currently I am using multiple resistors, and I’m planning to have to solder the power MOSFETs and the TVS myself.

Btw: I had Digi-Key URLs in the item descriptions but the forum wouldn’t let me post them.

Another issue: the N-channel transistor that is available is only 20 V DS and 8 V GS.
I’d like a small N-channel transistor with at least 30 V DS and 20 V GS. This is useful for:

  • Reverse polarity protection on input. GS needs to be maximum supported input voltage.
  • Backflow prevention after a bipolar regulator like the 7805 or 1117. (A CMOS regulator like the MCP1804 doesn’t need this.)

Hi there,
WOW!! Thank you so much for giving us suggestion! that is really useful for us!
I have written them down and will discuss with our EE one by one. I will try my best to put all the commonly-used components in OPL.

Thank you again! if you want to give us the digikey code, you can send the E-mail directly to

The N-channel transistor that is accessible is just 20 V DS and 8 V GS.

I’d like a little N-channel transistor with no less than 30 V DS and 20 V GS. This is helpful for:

  • Turn around extremity insurance on info. GS should be most extreme bolstered input voltage.

  • Reverse counteractive action after a bipolar controller like the 7805 or 1117.