Some source code patches for V2.31

Initially thanks to Seeed Studio and Mr.Bure for this amazing DSO Nano Project.

The open source nature of project allow us to tune the firmware to our taste and is this that I make… follows some adjustments in V2.31 sources:

To hurry the boot: comment whole line 113 at file main.c

To don’t display the default reference wave: commented whole line 76 at file main.c

To draw the captured wave just in cyan:
at file lcd.c cut (aka #ifdef 0/#endif) the code from line 447 thru 455 and uncomment following statement ‘Tmp =0xE780;’
In truth we can adjust colors values in switch-case in line 447 for “best” results.

Sorry my humble english. :slight_smile: (11.9 KB)

Just tried it out, working great from 2.31 … thanks for sharing!

Can anyone post the patched FW for us? :wink:

Nice improvement on the origional. Thanks for posting