some quirks about the stalker solar kit

hey all. Since we are evidently ‘on our own’ - I’m asking this of the community out there instead of anyone creating the products or solar kits.

Curious what others have used this odd white rubber piping for? A seal perhaps?

Also where are you placing your solar panel? Although it seems to fit inside the enclosure - the glue quickly melts all over the seeeduino. Yuk.

Have another issue/question for other users out there of the solar kit

How long did it take you to fully charge the Battery Pack?

Here’s a wiki on putting together the enclosure, including on seal assembly: … _enclosure

I tried super glue to adhere panel to plastic lid - that didn’t work so well. I’m thinking about trying either airplane glue or hotglue.

The charging current is about 300mA. By the way, Seeeduino Stalker v3 is more powerful than v2.3.