Some One Can Help? Little Project(for kids fair).

Hi Every One!

Im a bit Nebwie with Arduino, and recently buy Rainbowduino to test, cause my primary interest on duinos are LED applications(a kind off little games mostly), then I want know if my first try its possible and have the right tools.

The Challenge:
Try to make a little game(start easy) 4 columns of 20 LEDs each all off by default, 4 pushbuttons corresponding to each column, if you press first button, the first column power on the first led a little delay then the second until five leds on, a little pause, then start to power off backwards (if can play a sound or a tone with a buzzer, each led on/off nice!), the seccond button makes the same but until 10 LEDS on, so on until 4 button and 20 led on(on the 4th column). The target its to make the kids start to count up/down until 20 and have 4 kids at the same time.

The Tools:
Arduino Duemilanove 328: for programing and to control (if I read ok, maybe in command mode the Rainbouduino)
Rainbowduino 328: to control led(I havent LED Matrix!!!, soon I need to buy one to make test easy!!!, but looking a step by step tutorial to control individual LEDs)
Resistors:not needed, I think maybe just for push buttons.
Leds: alot, RGB common anode, RED, BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW, WHITE, High Brigth and SuperFlux(to play a little)
Push buttons(maybe the final use … Path=48_69 and 4 Big button switch)
Not much time to play around??? ja ja ja… :unamused:

The thinkering on how to:
Arduino as physical/logic interface, controlling push buttons(maybe all at the same time or in turns) then sending commands to Rainbowduino.
Rainbowduino to control up to 100 leds(maybe in RGB mode like vumeter, or simply in color for each column) I think (if its possible) to tell a command(dont know all commands, well none!, if any one know a good point to start read all functions or most common used, be great) like start matrix from 1 to 5 led, then send start from secon pushbutton from 21 to 31, and so on. power on/off by the case.
Arduino play a tone in the buzzer(how to sync LED with Buzzer Arduino with Rainbowduino)

Then, hands on… :open_mouth:

Any help by the way be appreciated!

why don’t you use mxtController program to control LED matrix?
This is the video

Cause this its a specific app, I need to make a “interactive” function with push buttons and specific led by led on/off.

Its possible to modify mtXControl app? some samples?

I was thinking about using an Visual Basic /serial port computer to controll it with a touch monitor, and maybe more than one Arduino/Rainbowduino but $$$, an looking on the net found the “Lightduino”, some knows more about it.

Still looking arround!, code sample apps, tutorials, functions documentation, etc.

ERRATA: Subject title say “…Proyect…”, the correct “…Project…”.

you can also control the rainbowduinos as “slaves” over I2C from an arduino, not from a computer.

You can get the code from

Unzip it into your Arduino library, download sketch Rainbow_CMD_V2_0 to your rainbowduino, download sketch SeeedMaster to your Arduino. Connect them through I2C(SCL SDA GND), if success you will find the led matrix displaying characters.(remember to power the rainbowduino with extra supply(6.5v or more)).

Then you can do some change of programs and add some functions as you wish.

Sounds like can reach my pourpouse! Great! ok, start experimenting this, maybe need more tan one Arduino/Seeeduino/Rainbowduino? to get 100 leds in total o just using one and controlling RGB channels (maybe just use one color instead but place in RGB can this work?) if I understand can contol192 individual leds right?

One more thing can guide me to more info about I2C: pin out, connection is “straight” I mean one to one? I I understand just need to connect SCL SDA GND one to one and all works, can program the Rainbowduino this way too?

Thanks a lot!

You can take a look at the casacading part in our rainbowduino manual.
And this page can also help you.