SOLVED: Seeeduino AVR Boards not in board manager


I am trying to add the seeeduino nano to the Arduino IDE board manager. I believe it should be in the Seeeduino AVR Boards package, but it does not show up in my board manager. I did add
to the board manager URLs, and I do see some of the other Seeed packages (Seeed SAMD Boards, Seeed nRF52 Boards, etc.) and installed all of them, but none of them include the Seeduino nano. Does anyone have a guess as to what I am doing wrong? Thanks!


I finally figured it out. You must IGNORE WHAT THE SEEEDSTUDIO SITE TELLS YOU! Instead, use the following:

Congratulations on finding a solution to the problem!

Sorry for my english, my mother language is french … and I’m a very newbee with Arduino/Seeeduino!

I encounter the same problem than jasonRF to add my Seeeduino Nano to IDE board manager.
I tried both URLs listed by jasonRF (both are also listed in the wiki.seeedstudio site) without any success.
I’ll appreciate any help from this forum, thanks, regards.

After so many trials I was able to get “Seeeduino Nano” listed into the IDE board manager.
However it was listed in grey color.
Usually grey color means "this option is NOT available …
But I was allowed to click/select it !
From there an access to the internet downloaded the necessary info and “Seeeduino Nano” appeared in black and I was able to select this proper board.
So this item is solved.

Next step (and next problem) : the USB port on which I connect the board is not listed by IDE.
IDE lists only COM1 when I know the port I’m connecting the board is COM5.
I’ll make a search on the forum to see if I can get help on this new issue.