[Solved]I2C address question

Sorry for my newbie question :slight_smile:

I’d like to use 3 axys gyro, real time clock and i2c touch sensor grove module all in the same project.

3 axys gyro has a default address of 0x68, but can be changed soldering a jumper.

The other two also have 0x68 as I2C address, so there is a way to change address of one?

Thank you

I have checked the schematic of I2C touch sensor,its address can’t be changed.
But Real time clock,i can’t find a ADDR pin,so i judge that its address can’t be changed.
I will check it again.

I’m really sorry I made a big mistake :blush:
The correct IIC address:

  • 3 axis gyro: 0x68 or 0x69
  • RTC: 0x68
  • Touch sensor: 0x5A

So it is possible to use all of them together!