[solved] Getting the LoNet GSM/GPRS/GPS board to start

Hello everyone

A while ago I bought this board http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/LoNet-808-Mini-GSMGPRS-GPS-Breakout-p-2493.html and I am now trying to use it connected to a usb port on my laptop through a usb serial adapter.


I connected

  • BAT to a 3.8V power supply
  • RX and TX to my TTL pins
  • VIO to the +5v from the adapter
  • GND to a ground common to my power supply and my ttl adapter

All seems good, yet when I press the power button on the board, it powers on (green led lights up), stays on for a couple of seconds (green led stays up while red led blinks) and then shuts down (both leds shut).

During the process, I get nothing on the serial interface.

I feel like I’m missing something important here but I have no idea why. I’d appreciate any lead, even the obvious ones as I’m a complete beginner.

edit : resized picture

edit2 : Nevermind : my voltmeter is actually pretty inaccurate.