[SOLVED] disabling io pins on music shield

i am using the 2012 fat16 examples

i can play/randomPlauy just fine,
but i want to use some of the reserved control pins (D2-D7)
if i disable the InitIOForKeys() function > no sound will be played.
if i enable this function, everything is fine.

you have to disable instances of keyscan function, like the ones in AvailableProcessorTime()
line 160 and 217 of player.cpp (found in MusicShieldNewSDLib.zip)

while (!MP3_DREQ) { Mp3DeselectData(); while(1){ //AvailableProcessorTime();//here vs1053 is busy, so you can do some interactive things, like key scanning,led controlling. if(1 ==playStop)break; } Mp3SelectData(); }