SOLVED Bluetooth Shield, Error unzipping

Hi all,

I just received my Bluetooth Shield. Looks very nice!
When I download the Arduino Library from the WIKI page and unzip it, I see the message the the file is invalid or corrupted.
I work with windows XP and Arduino IDE 1.0.1

Something I do wrong?


Hi there ,
If you can upload other code to your arduino ?
If so , you can first re-download the code BluetoothShieldDemoCode_For_Arduino1.0 , and then unzip it upload the SLAVE sketch to arduino . If it is succeed work , the blue and red LED will blinks 1time / 2s in interval .


Hi Deray,
Thanks for the reply.
With my arduino is nothing wrong. I can make scetches, upload them and run them.
My problem is the BluetoothShieldDemoCode_For_Arduino1.0 link. I can download the code but it does not unzip. I get error message that the file is unvalid or corrupted. The same happens with downloading the library for arduino.

In other cases I can unzip other zip files.


Sorry for this.
The problem is somewhere in my pc (XP). With another pc (VISTA) I can unzip the files.