Solar charger shield V2.2 - accessible meta-info ?


I am trying to run a self-powered sensor/actuator with the ability to intelligentlly optimize power-consumption us Solar Charger Shield V2.2.

For this I would need information such as:
*state of the battery
*the amount of current coming from the solar shield
*the amount of current going into the battery

I know I can get the state of the battery by checking it’s voltage from the A0 pin, however is any other information other than that available?

By looking at the .BDR file, this seems to be to only accessible one, however I’m no expert with schematics etc

Thank you


1.Battery status indication

Red LED indicates Charging and Green LED indicates Charged.

2.The amount of current coming from the solar shield --> Maximum Output Power(with battery): 3W(600mA@5V)

3.The Countinous charging current is upto 900mA

Thank you for your answer.
However, I need this information not for me, but for my arduino (and it can’t see whether some LED is on…well not so easily at least :wink:
I would like to get the exact state of the battery - meaning the percentage that it’s charged, so I know when will it run out.
Also, for the other two, I would like to get real-time information. So to know, how much current is coming into the battery at a given moment (for example when there is more sun there will be more), so that I can react to that information (for example, going into reduced functionality mode).
Is it possible to get this information in an Arduino program from the Solar Charger shield?

Solder the jumper pads shown in the diagram and use the code.

Please find the battery voltage measuring code in the following wiki page

Yes, thank you, that method works for getting voltage from battery.

Is there any possibility of getting other parameters such as current coming out of Solar panel? Or is the voltage of battery only thing accessible?

There are no other possibilities only the voltage parameter is accessible.

ok, thank you :slight_smile: