Software on module


If I buy the bare module does it have the base code that the module on the demo board has? Or do I need to program it with known software?
Should I be able to send at commands to a module soldered onto my own PCB?

If you buy the chipset alone I would not expect it to be flashed with the AT firmware ! If you buy it from SeeedStudio they can perhaps arrange to flash them before shipping but you would have to check with customer service :wink:

Ok thanks,
Is the code available on the website to program on to the module?

nope the AT firmware is closed one and only SeeedStudio can flash it at factory :frowning: The firmware file is not avalaible for flashing by yourself (which is an issue if you delete this fw and still needs it in device !)

This is the reply I got from Technical support.

The same AT firmware is also available on the lora-e5 module, and you can operate it using the same AT command.

Seeed Technical Support Team

What does it mean? Where is the compiled firmware for lora-e5? I don’t find it anywhere.

Well they obviously did’nt understand your question, But the answer has always been the same with these Proprietary software on “open” hardware…
This to me is the stupidest thing in the LORA eco.
the use of AT commands have been around since the Hayes modem 1200 baud of the 80’s
the software that’s embedded is all they can claim, and I’m betting it’s all forked (copied) from others.
I’m betting there’s very, very little of proprietary code in there.
Its one of the main reasons I have resisted LORA.
What sucx, is NO Answers not just here either other providers for lora and wifi chips (ewLink) don’t offer factory bins, open source my A$$. I feel it’s because they don’t know or have any , they are just following the heard.

I have NOT purchased any LORA and will NOT, until this is clearer path forward.
I’ll spectate. Such a great technology with much promise. IMO
GL :slight_smile: