Softata RPi Pico W Platform for .NET and Blockly apps

I’ve been working for some time on a GitHub repository based upon Grove devices
with the view to creating .NET hosted infrastructure for creating Blockly style apps for a RPi Pico W with the Grove Shield for Pi Pico which is an expansion board for Raspberry Pi Pico and using plug and play Grove devices. Devices are added to Softata at a high level, namely using existing Arduino libraries for them. For displays, sensors and actuators the code is structured in a modular manner so when adding a device type you just implement certain methods in terms of the existing Arduino library for it.

Initially the apps that directly use the SoftataLib C# library are a Console app and a web based Blazor app. Threre is now an ASP.NET Core API wrapper for the library leading to the following:

Recently NETCoreBlockly, a repository on GitHub, has been used to implement a typical Blockly programming enviroment with 11 sample Blockly apps available so far. See SoftataWebAPI/Samples in the repository.

There is also a facility for telemetry from sensors to Azure IoT Hub and Cloud to Device messages for commands.

The call out is for contributions of further Grove device implementations.