Snips Install Instructions for Respeaker

Do you have a how-to for installing snips on the respeaker V2? We have installed similar to Pi, but the services are not starting correctly. MQTT is not able to start.

Thank You

Hah, good question. Snips recently got the board working with us, we will have instructions soon I hope!

I’ll reach out to them soon and ask them about the process.

Ya I am super interested in this as well. The Snips platform looks quite nice.


I’ll follow the topic with you guys. I am really interested in this integration. Apparently snips’ packages just need a debian operative system which is good news.

I am waiting the Respeaker Core V2 to follow the instructions provided by the french company at this page:

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … r-core-2.0”></LINK_TEXT>