SMD RGB LED - PLCC6 5050 (metric) package

I’m looking for something like this:

Obviously this one is dead, so I need replacements :wink:

Package: PLCC6 5050 with 3 individual LEDs
Brightness: ~5000mcd @ 20mA for R,G,B

How much would it cost per LED for say 1000pcs ?



Anybody there ?

OK, I give up.

I don’t know what a sourcing service is good for if nobody seems to read the messages… I made the initial request almost 2 months ago, sheesh.


I hope this could help you, this seller have many kinds/sizes of leds and all are very bright I have been buy like 5000 or more diferent leds kinds and sizes and really have a good experience very bright and found this: … 19bf46ec8e

I hope it helps.


Erick Nava Aldana.