Smartphone can see Bluetooth bee, but PC not.

Hey everybody.
I bought on of your Bluetooth Bee on the Bee-adapter-PCB for Zigbee.

I set it to slave and then I enabled it to been inquired.
Then a enabled Bluetooth at my Notebook (Acer Aspire 5920G) and i saw the Bee, name was “SPP-Master”.
With my Smartphone (Nokia 5800) i can see it to and I connect my, but after i did a power cycle I just see the Bee with my Smartphone, and i can connect both.

But i can’t see it with my Notebook, and so i can’t connect both.

Has anybody a idea whats wrong?

Greets from Germany

Hi David,

Do you want to connect the Bluetooth Bee using you NoteBook and Smartphone at the same time?
I think the Bee could only be connected by one device at a time.

May this helpful to you, and let me know if any info needed.



No no, this was not the Problem.

I fixed it with this patch:
After i tried to connect me to BT-Bee with Ubuntu and it worked i realized that the Problem was Windows, and not the Bee.

So i tried too reinstall the drive, etc. but nothing helped.
Then i saw that the Bee was in die BT-Device list, so i deleted it and now i can connect me with the bee.

So everything works and I’am happy that I can start debugging my bot now wireless :slight_smile:

Greetings from germany