SmartCitizen extras

Hi there,

I am interested in the smartcitizen kit that is offered at your shop, but I just see two options, the smartcitizen kit and the smartcitizen kit with a starter kit. I would like to get it with the rainproof case, the photovoltaic panel and the extra x15 battery that is described at the document they sent some time ago:

Do you know if it will be offered here at some point? Otherwise where could I get those extras?

Thanks in advance!

I am also interested in the same items as juagicre, but I add the following:
1/. Looking at the parts list for SCK 2.1 on your site, I notice the weatherproof 3D printed case is not included, instead you have the link for manufacturing files. Do you NOT intend to offer the case for this project. Why not or when will you add this? If its not the case, how much extra is the cost for you to make the 3D printed case via your Fusion Services.
2/. I am also wondering if you intend to offer the SmartCitizen Station product (including SmartCitizen 2.1, and extra sensors and the different 3D printed case.
The Station product is capable of being extended for extra sensors, so it would be necessary to obtain the expansion piece for the station case (a blue triangular section), so hopefully this would also be available for separate purchase.