Smart Greenhouse

Hi All,

I have access to an existing greenhouse that is in a building with fiber optic internet connectivity. The Greenhouse has not been used in awhile but has light and heating elements in place currently as well as fans although I am not sure yet of functionality.

My goal is to automate the heat, lighting, and humidity to simulate the weather of a remote environment. This remote environment is a day behind my location so in a perfect world I would the prior days data available via internet to control the greenhouse environment.

I am seeing that the Grove Indoor Environment Kit is currently out of stock but seems to have many of the elements required such as light, heat and humidity.

If someone has experience with using this kit for a similar application I would love to chat further about your experience.

Thanks for your time.



Hello Ken,

Thanks for showing interest in our product.

This product is back is back in stock now.

Thanks and regards