Smart Citizen Starter Kit

I sent the orders email a message concerning this product, but no response, maybe they are very busy. Please give them a push.
Here are my presales questions:

  1. The Starter Kit includes a Li Polymer 2000 mAh battery. Could be a problem with shipping. Some say it is dangerous goods. Will its inclusion cause shipping delay or cost extra ?
  2. In any case I want a larger battery Li Polymer 6000 mAh which is shown out of stock in the Bazaar. Maybe its been deliberately removed due to problems with shipping as above. Please elaborate/confirm the reason. Also tell me if the 2000 mAh battery can be swapped with 6000 mAh battery with price adjustment.
  3. The parts list for the kit shows 1 x Adaptor, and pictures show a European adaptor plug. I am in Australia, and I therefore need a 3 Pin Australian Adaptor. Please confirm its possible to swap this item in the kit.

Thanks and cheers, :smiley:

Hi @Bryn_Parrott
We are working to find an answer of you question.
Please wait patiently.

Hi @Bryn_Parrott
You can refer to the documentation page.

If you don’t find an answer in there I will encourage you to post on the forum

My post has nothing to do with smart citizen organisation and everything to do with Seeed Studio customer service. !
Please read my post again and respond more appropriately !