Smaller LinkIt ONE for Wearable prototype

LinkIt A-Core.jpgSince the launch of LinkIt ONE on Sept.22th , it got pretty fans all over the world . The all-in-One features make arduino-developers , makers ,programmers , wearables enjoyable and amazing .However , one kind of voice is spoken of during these months . Someone work on a proof of concept for some new wearable products and IoT devices and would like to develop a mini prototype using LinkIt ONE for next phrase , miniaturizing the Linkit One board from its current configuration or form factor or foot print to something a little bit more smaller and more easily wearable .Now we have a new LinkIt A-Core Module , it will be suitable to what those guys of wearable prototypes and Mini IoT prototypes want . It can speed up your prototype faster and easier
[img]LinkIt A-Core.jpg[img]

Awesome Features:

MT2502AV with 32M-Psram and 32M-Flash
RF 7198 High performance RF transmitter
MX25U12835F 16M external Flash
Support quad-band 850/900/1800/1900MHz
48 general purpose digital I/O (Need configure)
Bluetooth compatible BR/EDR/BLE
GPS compatible GPS/GNSS (Need GPS module
Clock: 260MHz
Power supply: DC 3V~4.2V
Current: Less than 3mA
Quad-band: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Bluetooth: 2.0, 2.0EDR, 4.0
Pin number: 86 pins
Size: 19X23X2mm

Does anybody have interest in the smaller LinkIt ONE? It is still under improvement. if someone have any better ideas , join us!

I think it is the logical evolution of the Linkit. That is exactly what we are looking for at the moment. Our team would have great interest in a such a product, as long as it has out of the box GSM and GPS functionality like the current Linkit One. We have a working IOT prototype. The large headers make the current config just a little too big for a production unit.

I’ll be very interested by a smaller LinkIt One.
Micro SIM for GSM (code SIM supported will be good),
And GPS.
I think GSM and GPS antenna wire are a bit short.
I’d like to insert the future smaller Linkit One in a small and waterproof box.