Slug in PCB for heatsink?

Do you have the capability to place a metal slug in the PCB board? If so how much would that increase the cost?

 My problems is I have a 4mm x 4mm LED with a metal slug (1.70mm) for a heatsink in the center.  I either need to buy the PCB with the heat sink slug, or have a hole drilled and I can place a fabricated metal slug between the LED and larger heatsink.


Sorry, but I’m not sure what the PCB will look like. Can you show me a pictures with the same effect?
Or send us your design files with comments on.


I’d suggest just put a lot of “thermal vias” directly underneath the LED thermal pad. If you use enough small vias, the thermal resistance can be pretty small. I did the calculations a while ago for a Cree LED, and it really wasn’t worth the trouble of trying to use a copper slug embedded in the board.