Slow drawing on DSO nano

Hi, I noticed a strange (and for me quite unpleasant) behaviour of DSO Nano firmware: screen refresh interval apparently depends on shape and amplitude of signal :frowning:.

I suppose it has something to do with the fact that drawing for example some 50 parts of square wave with full amplitude means that DSO nano has to draw 50 lines of 100 pixels height. Which is much slower than drawing the same square wave with 1/4 amplitude (same 50 lines, but each has just 25 pixels height), etc.

This is quite unpleasant, because DSO nano then does not behave like oscilloscope, but more like some video game with “loading” screen :slight_smile:.

Could you please add a feature to next firmware which would allow to switch between LINE DRAWING and DOT/PIXEL DRAWING of sampled signal? I know that dot representation would not be too readable, but it would at least react immediately to signal measurement …

And excuse me for my bad english, please.

Sorry for confusion.

This problem is apparently related to Paul’s firmware, not your default one. I have tried paul’s 1.5 and your 2.02, 2.21 and 2.31. From these different firmwares, only Paul’s one behaves strangely and becomes unresponsive when I try to display with high frequency and amplitude. Original firmware 2.31 is perfectly OK and displays everything in SCAN mode immediately.

But this experience had one positive effect: I have learned how to modify and compile your open-source fw (I don’t like that transparency thing) so you can expect me not to post another silly comments, because I will try to make all changes it on my own :slight_smile:.

Anyway, thank you for this great product (and great toy as well :slight_smile:)

Glad to know it worked, just let me know if any issue. Thanks!