Slot milling now available?


I’ve used the Fusion PCB service many, many times now and am very (very!) happy with it. I think it is great that the new Premium service is available. I see in the specifications a “Minimum milling slot 12 39.38578.77” spec. Does this mean that slots are now available? I have a four (4) layer board with 13 slots 1" long x 0.032" wide (a smaller board is vertically mounted into the slots and edge soldered). Can Fusion Premium do this?

Thank you!

Mike T.

Hi Mike,
For fusion pcb online service, the minimum milling slot is 1cm2cm. For Fusion premium service, the minimum milling slot is 0.8cm0.8cm. :smiley:

The FAQ says:
“3. What is the minimum milling slot? – 1mm*2mm”
*** That is mm NOT cm. ***

Which is correct?

If mm is correct - how do you indicated that you want a slot plated through? I want to create a through-hole mounting pad with a slot rather than a drilled hole. I will also need to have a zero copper to slot set-back. Can this be done?