Skeleton Bot - 4WD Hercules - Bad explanations


I just received a 4WD Hercules.

I’m a bit disapointed about your product. Ok, it is nice, well build, a good job.
I built it and then the problems arrived.

The code of the Motor Controller Library ( … seems not to work.
A lot of users mentionned it before me.

Could you update your code, or give more information on how to use it ?

Kind regards


Hi, did you solved your problem?
I am the designed of this board, sorry that I didn’t notice you question earier. :frowning:
If you had any problem else, contract me immediately:

Hi and thanks for the reply,

I’m still stuck.

I don’t understand how to you use the code on the wiki page of the product.
I always have an issue when I want to compile the code and send it to the board :
no declaration
doesn’t find the library

This is my first project with motorboard… but not with arduino. Perhaps need I to practice a bit more and sorry if that’s a stupid question.

Could you please uptade the wiki page with a step-by-step procedure ?

Kind regards.

thanks for suggestion. I’ll try to improve the wiki, and make it more easier to understand. when it’s done, I’ll noticed you at no time. thanks again.

Nice !!

Hi, I had updated the Library of Hercules, you can refer to it and have a try, about the wiki, I will update it next week.
I will improve this product and the document continuous, so when you have any suggestion, shoot me free :smiley:

btw, ave a nice weekend. :slight_smile:

the new library here:

I forgot to write it down just now :cry:


The new library works ! That’s fine.

Howewer, the wiki is still not up to date with your new code.

I’m trying now to build the “Expand usage” ( … Controller)

But the procedure is not really clear. I understand wich code to use with the remote and the receiver, but not the one to use with the motor controller.

Could you explain to me how you do it ?

Kind regards