Sipeed Maix Amigo: Getting Started

I’ve just got a “Sipeed Maix Amigo” and am falling at the first hurdle trying to get started.

The docs are all very generic and talk in terms of the chips in the hardware - but the hardware specs aren’t listed.

I’ve downloaded the MaixPy IDE but from the “Select Board” menu it isn’t one you can pick.

The docs describe looking at /dev/tty… (though not what the right file would be for this board) - but I can’t work out if I need a driver for this board and if so where to get it for a Mac.

Hi @thaggie
I only can find a Chinese get starting with the Sipeed Maix Amigo, hope it will be useful to you.


(1.) Hi, there.

(2.) Own a MAix Amigo with a 2970 board. (Had to remove the back cover to determine. There’s also a 2960 version.)

(3.) Once the back cover was removed, held in place with super tiny hex screw, saw the white switch that allows “STM” and “M1n” selections.

(4.) Aside from seeing that the MAix Cube uses the M1n module (see data sheet, etc., for more details), wouldn’t know which of the two choices, and when, a user should select concerning the MAix Amigo.

(5.) Using these:

(5a.) IDE: MAixPy IDE v0.2.5

(5b.) GUI Wrapper: kFlash_GUI v1.8

(5c.) OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro

(6.) For the MAixPy IDE board selection question, according to { 5. Test Run } at

, users select Maixduino since, curiously, there’s nothing that reads MAix Amigo:

(6a.) MAixPy IDE

(6b.) Tools

(6c.) Select Board

(6d.) Sipeed Maixduino

(7.) Having a multitude of problems getting anything to run on my 2970 MAix Amigo. [ several sets of code related to sound source localization, sound visualization ] [ Sipeed R6+1 microphone array board ] [ SP-MOD modules ] [ etc. ]

(8.) Can’t even find correct pin assignments, as the documentation lists pins that don’t match the pin numbers printed on my device.

(9.) Further, according to { 3.3 } and { 4. } found at MaixAmigo - Sipeed Wiki
, you’ll be able to read that the screen types #2970 and #2960 are for IPS and TFT, respectively. Plus, depending on which board you have, there’s specific firmware that you’ll have to flash using your GUI wrapper. { Close out of (not simply reduce the screen) the MAixPy IDE so that your file will flash/work/download/upload with kFlash_GUI v1.8 smoothly. }

(10.) If it’s of any value, my 2970 MAix Amigo has these land patterns printed [accurately?] for the two bottom 8-pin headers situated above the three Grove connections (not the 8-pin one located on the side above the USB connection):

(10a.) Bottom L e f t: GND…io12…io31…io19…3v3…io9…io7…io17

(10b.) Bottom R i g h t: GND…io29…io28…io22…3v3…io8…io30…io25

(11.) Toodles!