Sipeed Maix Amigo: ArduinoCore-k210 deprecated?


I’ve read the announcement of the Sipeed Maix Amigo and went to Get Started with K210: Hardware and Programming Environment.

[Seeed] released new software: ArduinoCore-k210 help uses run Arduino libraries on K210 based boards.

However, the repository of ArduinoCore-k210 reads

This repository has been archived by the owner. It is now read-only.

Is the Arduino support for the Sipeed Maix Amigo deprecated?

Thank you!

The K210 series products are maintained by SIPEED. Seeed just sells.

Thanks! However, the repository is maintained by Seeed Studio: Seeed-Studio/ ArduinoCore-k210

What are the alternatives?

Seeed long ago tried to maintain the K210 eco-software but found a lot of duplication with Sipeed. Seeed stopped maintaining its software, and more about K210 can be found on Sipeed’s GitHub.

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