Sipeed M1w and onboard Esp8285

Is there a way to tap into the ESP8285 chip that is onboard Sipeed M1w ?

I was wandering if it was possible to activate sleep modes from esp to trigger the main chip.

Hi ,

you can use the UART communication pin’s to connect the ESP and M1w ,

Pins on M1W:








UART is for AT commands but what about SPI - is it for data buffer transfers?

Anyone knows how ESP8285 or 8266 works with TCP using AT commands and SPI non uart transfers work?


SPI might be for the Firmware updation .

Just if anyone is interested - now ESP8266_FRERTOS_SDK IDF-style is available which means basically all code from esp32 except dual core functions will most likely compile and run on both - esp8266 and esp8285(1MB onchip flash :sunglasses: ).

Additionally there is CMake support which eliminated any crazy flash-tool operations and all is done with same cmd line as esp32 env.

Just awesome )