Singel mode?

I have dso nano V3 with version V4_22 firmware. I can’t figure out how to trigger a single scan and have it stay on the screen. I have a 4 volt signal that will eventually go low to almost 0. I want to capture the signal after the first high to low transition, scan samples in at the current sample rate and then stop. Is that possible?

So far I hae not been able to figure out how to do that. I can get it to trigger and display the signal in auto mode but then it is erased from the display in less than a second as the device scans once more. I can not press the stop button (B?) fast enough to keep it from updating the display with the next

Dale Eason

On original firmware trigger doesn’t work as it should be. Also don’t rely on measurements section, numbers can be from a different galaxy.
If you’re lucky to have older LCD driver, upgrade do latest BenF firmware.

User “rimidalv007” has posted a modified BenF 3.11 (modded to work with the new LCD nano’s) at this topic:

This is the link to the firmware:

Single shot triggering works as expected with this firmware, unlike the stock 4.22. :wink:

Yes, I just tested it, it WORKS!

Thank you, That new BenF software worked for me.
Dale Eason