Silkscreen over bare copper

I have a board with silkscreen over bare copper - this is intended. Will Seeedstudio make this as I designed, or will there be no silkscreen over copper? Thanks!

normally, we will make the board based on your gerber.
Could you please tell me your order NO.?

Thank you!

Order 106044

My PCB has a logo on some bare copper and I just wanted to make sure the logo will still come out OK.

To be clear, I want the silkscreen on bare copper. This is how the gerber should be.

ohoh, i c…
i will will check the board for you once it come out.
normally, i will look like as the gerber. please do not worry!~

I am curious. Will the silk screen stick to the copper and will the copper rust too quickly?

OP, is this silk screen on copper a standard PCB procedure?

the silk screen on copper is not a standard procedure…
the copper silk screen is a standard procedure