Silks misaligned, broken, and smeared

I received my PCBs yesterday and found that the silks were misaligned, broken in some places, and smeared in others. I immediately emailed support about this and got just a boilerplate automated reply. Is there anyone available who can look into this?

Hello Frotz,

Could you pm me your order number or the e-mail address you used? The only automated response we should have is the one that says we’ve received your mail and will get back to you.

Also, a little note, we are upgrading all of our silkscreen equipment so this kind of printing problem will be a thing of the past. At the moment we still use manual silkscreen methods for small prototype batches which take longer and produce variable results.

By IPC standards, in order to pass Class 2, the printed text must be ‘readable’. But the upgrade has come about as more and more people are placing importance on general aesthetics rather than basic functionality. With the new machines, the printing is crisper and clearer and we are sure you’ll love it.

I sent the PM. No reply.

Thank you, I got it.