Silk screen drc errors


When running checks on my board I have fixed all errors, apart from I get lots of errors about silk screens on top of solder areas.

I’m used to other prototyping services just not printing the silk screen there with no need to remove it from my design. Do I need to do this with you?

Also how much ish would shipping be to the uk for the 10 propaganda 10x10 boards?

Thank you



Any one out there?

thats weird that you have not gotten a reply yet. try PM’ing ESP or Albert.Miao or Seeedstudio-Fan with your question.

they must be pretty busy with the DSO Nano and rainbowuino carnival stuff.

Done with still no reply :frowning:

You out there admin’s?


Hi guys,

Much sorry for reply so late.
Please find our eagle cam tool for generating the gerbers: (1.09 KB)
And design rule: (1.01 KB)


That doesn’t answer the question but I have since emailed you.


And what did you end up finding out. Is it okay for the silk screen to overlap the soldering pads, or holes for that matter?

I am currently putting the finishing touches to a project which I am very soon going to design the prototype PCB’s for. But I know from past projects, that some of the footprints I need, have parts of the silk screen running over solder pads and holes, since that doesn’t matter at the manufacturers I normally have used. So if it isn’t allowed in designs for manufacturing at SeeedStudio I might as well redesign the footprints before making or sending the PCB design, instead of getting it turned down.

So my question is: Is it okay for an silk screen line to cross a soldering pad or a hole? :question:

Best regards and thanks in advance for your answer

Hello, anyone out there?

Hi PC_fun,
Much sorry for replying so late.
“So my question is: Is it okay for an silk screen line to cross a soldering pad or a hole?”
Yes, No problem.
The silkscreen on the pad and cross the hole will not print well.

Hi Albert

Thanks for your reply. Then I’m not wasting time on changing my footprints unnecessarily.
And I’ll look forward to try your services when my design is ready.

Best Regards