silence event and hotword value in hotword event

Can you extend respeakerd to forward the silence event of the snowboy library? I implemented manual silence detection to extract the samples between the hotword event and the end of the speech input, but as snowboy does it anyway it would save some computing time and could be useful for other developers.

Also it would be nice to forward the actual hotword in the hotword event. Right now there is not much benefit, but I’m thinking of using different keywords for different users and identify them by the hotword.

Nice to have would be actual support for multiple hotwords. I’m not sure if snowboy supports that yet. Maybe multiple instances of snowboy could could be used. I’m not aware of a smart speaker supporting that feature, which would make it unique for ReSpeaker :slight_smile:

Which platform do you prefer for stuff like this? It’s also ok for me to open issue on GitHub.

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for your suggestions. “Silence Event” and “Multiple hotwords” are exciting features for librespeaker. We will support them! :smiley: :smiley: